Incredible Chinese Performance Art

Art has always been a source of wonder and awe. Whether its music, film, painting, architecture or performance art, people will always be interested in it. Chinese performance art is one of the art genres that have always astounded people who see it. Performance art generally refers to a presentation given live to an audience that features acting, music, dance, poetry and even painting. Chinese performance art brings this genre to a whole new level with the kind of showmanship that the artists possess.

What makes Chinese performance art so incredible?

Chinese Art 1For one, it is anchored on cultural heritage. Every performance shows traditional Chinese culture which is both beautiful and mesmerizing. It shows the classical Chinese dance that dates back thousands of years ago featuring flowing dances performed by athletic dancers. These dances are perfectly choreographed with acrobatic stunts and moves often mixed with modern and military dances that results in explosive performances that leave the audience crying for more. Some shows feature original music specifically created for each performance while some boast of the modern and traditional Chinese music usually by an orchestra. Add in the traditional vibrant colored costumes that bring back images of the past dynasties which is a rare visual treat.

Chinese performing arts is built on elegance. Performances are as smooth as silk so they say. Every leap, twirl, and flip is done with such grace and passion that the artists look so perfect and ethereal. It is not surprising that the audience laughs, cry and are left breathless. Every performance is made on a brilliantly designed stage with lighting and sound that highlights each artist’s performance. Another reason why Chinese performing arts is incredible is synchronicity. All performers are in sync with each other- something that can only be achieved through hard work and discipline. It can be said that each performance is a product of blood, sweat, and tears- breathtaking not only for its beauty but also because of the danger that comes with the stunts. Only a perfectly synchronized group of artists can do the act with ease.

The Chinese performing arts has itself, its own rich history.

It is known that it lost its appeal before its revival in the 1960’s. Since then, performances have become expressions of the current social issues that beset the society. As a contemporary art, it was rooted in social unrest initially spared from commercialism. However, as time goes by, the shows become an amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures which, apparently, makes Chinese performing arts more incredible. Truly, the Chinese performing arts have proven that there is beauty in this world if only we open our eyes to see it. However, we appreciate art not only for its beauty but more for its message. In this case, the Chinese performing arts serve to tell us that it is only when we move together, as one, that we achieve perfection. It is only when we work hard enough that we are able to overcome those dangerous stunts in life.

Finally, it is only when we learn to look back at history that we are able to make our present more fruitful, vibrant and beautiful.